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Join LinkedUp In 30 and Reach LinkedIn Rockstar Status!
Taught By LinkedIn Expert Karen Yankovich
"I cannot say enough about Karen's LinkedUp in 30 Challenge. It brought so much to my profile: depth, clarity, personality, focus, a story, etc, etc. Anyone looking to turn their LinkedIn profile from a copy of your resume into a snapshot of who you are, what you want, your life - I highly recommend it!!!" - Amy Miller
About "LinkedUp In 30" LinkedIn Profile Course
You’ve heard the stories – entrepreneurs who use LinkedIn to find high-end clients; people who use it to find that job of their dreams; people who use it to build strong and influential networks; others who use it to become thought leaders in their field. 

All of that and more is possible with a coherent, consistent LinkedIn strategy.

And I just LOVE to teach that strategy. But here’s the thing. Strategy without a foundation is a castle in the air, and it’s NOT going to bring you these results. The foundation piece to a profitable LinkedIn strategy is a profile that tells the story of YOU. A profile that attracts the people you want to attract, and helps you stand out as the go-to person – whether for a mutually beneficial business partnership, to fill an opportunity that’s opened up, or to offer you a contract for your business. 

I see so many people leave money on the table, with neglected, under-optimized LinkedIn profiles! They say LinkedIn doesn’t ‘work’ for them. The reason it doesn’t work is because they aren’t playing it right in their profile. 
That’s why I created LinkedUp In 30. To fill the need for people to have a simple, step-by-step process to create that rock star profile to underpin their LinkedIn strategy. What I’ve done is take the system I go through with my private clients, and synthesize it into an easy to implement process, so that you can get all the results of a ROCK STAR profile, without the investment of hiring me one-on-one.

Interested? Come and join us today, and become one of the thousands who’ve already gone through LinkedUp In 30, and are now KILLING it on LinkedIn.
"Karen has created LinkedUp in 30 for those of us who really needed help with our LinkedIn presence. Each module is succinct and doable."
Sally Holland
"Karen Yankovich is indeed a LinkedIn expert. I took her LinkedUp in 30 day challenge and she has completely changed the way I look at this social media platform. Her valuable lessons taught me how to strengthen my profile so I can stand out in my industry. "
Mallika Makhotra
"Karen Yankovich’s LinkedUp in 30 has just been phenomenal. Karen is a Social Media Marketing guru. She knows her stuff much more than only LinkedIn. But what really sets Karen and this challenge apart is how she has given of herself. "
Kenyan Smith
Why LinkedUp in 30?
Are you leaving money on the table with a neglected, under-optimized LinkedIn profile?
Lets put a stop to that RIGHT NOW.

With LinkedUp in 30, you get:
  • A detailed walk-through of the process of building or improving your profile and making it work for you. You get LinkedIn secrets, hacks and tips from someone who is a total LinkedIn maven, and built her own business via LinkedIn. Karen knows how to make LinkedIn work at an elite level. 
  • LinkedUp In 30 Facebook group. This isn’t just a chat group where you never see the group leader. This is a working group, focused on the task of creating you a profile to be proud of – one that will really showcase all your talents. Karen and her team of professional writers will respond to specific questions, giving you valuable feedback on headlines, keyword optimization, how to manage it if you have a side-gig along with your day job – basically, ask anything, and we’ll help you out. 
  • Small daily tasks all available to you right away, with easy to implement actions, presented in a video format. Karen will reveal techniques that even the most seasoned LinkedIn user may not know. Apply what you are learning, and in no time you will have a LinkedIn profile that you can be proud of – and will bring you results.
  • When you register, you get all 30 days at once. But you can take your time and do this whenever you can. Your choice! 
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